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Media Data 2020 (Engl.)

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Here you will find our media data 2020 for BUSINESS+LOGISTIC, and our online- and social media services. Take advantage of the wide ranges and the omnipresence of your information that we can generate for you in the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

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Our Modules Our media packages are composed of established and new modules. It depends entirely on your needs and wishes. In this way, RS Verlag can realize individually tailored communication concepts together with you. With us you are omnipresent and you reach your potential customers very efficiently. We recommend that you use all channels in order to achieve the greatest possible impact and reach in Austria and the DACH region. BUSINESS+LOGISTIC Print. BUSINESS+LOGISTIC is next to INNOVATION+- BUSINESS and PROCURE+BUSINESS, our flagship and well established. This will help you to reach 60,000 top decision-makers from industry, commerce, the service sector and the public sector in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The magazine enjoys the highest image and quality values, because all contributions are carefully researched and selected according to journalistic criteria. Here, the cross-cutting theme of "logistics" in all its facets is brought to the reader. You will find exciting reports and interviews there as well as Round Tables. Anyone who speaks in BUSINESS+LOGISTIC has something to say. Chief editor Hans-Joachim Schlobach's name stands for the quality of the reporting. He has been working as a journalist for about 23 years and is considered a leading expert in the field of "Economy & Logistics". E-Paper. From the very beginning BUSINESS+LOGI- STIC was designed to meet the growing needs of readers on the Internet. Therefore, the magazine also always appears as an interactive e-paper in our web kiosk on which we register up to 50,000 hits per month. BLOGISTIC.NET This is the heart of efficient and effective internet content marketing. This established business and knowledge platform for the DACH region has been online since summer 2016. High-end content. Here we do without "Short & Dirty". We publish only top-researched stories, reportages, interviews, round tables, technical papers and more. Here you will also find countless tested logistics solutions in our TESTATLAS. For recipients and marketers, therefore creates real added value. On the one hand, we draw on the top stories of BUSI- NESS +LOGISTIC, but also publish top content independently. The magic words are also called "quality" and "exclusivity". Only then does gain the necessary relevance in search engines. Real ads. Of course, on blogistic. net we do not abstain from banner advertising. Banners are the necessary branding in corporate communications. Therefore, we program real advertisements on the homepage of and / or in the articles and deposit them as required with hyperlinks or customized content micro-pages. Here, marketers have the opportunity to use content to draw attention to their services and services. Big ads make themselves better with the recipient. He is used to this from the print media and in large articles. At the same time they serve - like a photograph - as a relief for the eyes of the readers. This gives such an ad special attention and makes the article more readable. SOCIAL MEDIA Content marketing is the way to reach recipients at all levels: print, online, social media. We provide marketers with content distribution. This is why RS Verlag and its media are also represented in social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Xing, Pinterest and Twitter (currently more than 20,000 followers in the German-speaking region). Through these channels, we draw attention to top articles or special content on and generate good attention. Stories from are shared around 20,000 times per month. RS Film Solutions Film is becoming increasingly important in the digital age. We'll do your cases study for you, cut your interview or shoot short commercials. If necessary, we combine these with written content and publish it on RS Commercial This is our unit for your commercial content such as print and online advertisements as well as your web presence. We not only develop the advertisements for you, but also your customized internet presence. Contact us. MEDIADATEN 2020 4

BUSINESS+LOGISTIC Mediadata 2020 BUSINESS+LOGISTIC is the leading business and management magazine in the German-speaking region. The range of topics covers as completely as possible the cross-sectional function of the economy: logistics. Categories LEUE+NEWS Careers, mergers, start-ups, management and personnel news, commentary and reader feedback, as well as education and training information. BUSINE$+FINANZEN What managers want to know about the logistics market and where the trends are. What science says. Where and to what extent to get funding for investment in logistics solutions and who is the best financing partner. BEST PRACTICE How copanies exemplify strategic goals with efficient logistics- and procurement solutions. PROCURE+BUSINE$ Strategic purchasing occupies a central position in the supply chain, because this is where value creation in companies begins. That is why managers in this category learn everything about purchasing, logistics and business. BUSINESS+LOGISTIC is printed in American format: The 220x280 mm format gives enough space for strong photos, competent stories, expressive advertising and service-oriented additional information in informative categories. TRaNSPORT+INFRASTRUCTURE What managers want to know about freight transport by road, rail, water and air, as well as transport and infrastructure policies. JOBS+BUSINE$ Career, job, education and further education information as well as reports on skilled workers and the lack of it can be found here. TECHNICS+SOLUTIONS Who delivers what and at what price: new products from forklift trucks, hardware and software to service performance. ORGANISaTIONS+EVENTS News from the most important organizations in the German-speaking region from logistics, materials management and purchasing. Event and trade fair announcementgungen. 5 MEDIADATEN 2020


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