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Media Data 2020 (Engl.)

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Here you will find our media data 2020 for BUSINESS+LOGISTIC, and our online- and social media services. Take advantage of the wide ranges and the omnipresence of your information that we can generate for you in the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Content-Marketing The

Content-Marketing The high art of B2B communication. Dear Partners, Interested parties. Thank you for your interest in the services of RS Media World. We offer perfect communication concepts for your B2B communication in the upcoming editorial period. We take the opportunity to draw your attention to the direction of our portfolio. Efficient B2B communication Our aim is for our partners to reach your target groups as efficient as possible via our communication channels BUSINESS+LOGISTIC (PROCU- RE+BUSINESS, INNOVATION+BUSINESS) and as well as our social media services on Facebook, Linkedin, Xing, Twitter and Pinterest. At the same time, we want you to enable to integrate our neutral platforms with high journalistic aspirations into your own content marketing strategy. One-Stop-Shopping For this reason, we developed a one-stop-shopping concept that takes equal account of print and Internet media and optimally combines the formats such as print, e-paper, web, social media, pictures, films & events etc. Crossmedia market communication. We consider neutral, editorial contributions as well as commercial contributions as important elements of crossmedia market communication. So when we realize stories with you and put you in advertisements, we achieve two things: a perfect knowhow transfer and an adequate branding. What that means in concrete terms. Anyone working with our print & ePaper edition BUSINESS+LOGISTIC in combination with, Social Media & Co, has the guarantee of an crossmedial omnipresence and will be published at least three times per element: ÂÂ BUSINESS+LOGISTIC (Print) ÂÂ BUSINESS+LOGISTIC (Epaper) ÂÂ A concrete calculation example: During the editorial period we will realize three neutral, editorial stories with you. You are switching three advertisements during this time. Thus, your content is published on our platforms 18 times in total with several 100,000 recipients. It depends on the content Effective content marketing on the Internet depends on the content and its exclusivity. That's why we value the exclusivity of the content we publish. At the same time, these exclusive stories need to be optimized for SEO. Therefore, we make sure that both aspects of BUSINESS+LOGISTIC (PROCURE+BUSINESS, INNOVATION+BUSINESS) and are adhered to as far as possible. More relevance. But you too can increase the relevance of your content yourself. This goes well with the integration of these neutral, oriented to the interest of the recipient, journalistic publications in your own content marketing machinery. It's very simple: for example, share your content in your own social networks, or link to your story's link from your homepage. We take care of the public Incidentally, high-end content (in writing, pictures and / or film) is also teased by us on our social media platforms. We have over 20,000 business followers on Facebook, Linkedin, Xing, Pinterest, and Twitter, and the number of followers is growing all the time. As our postings are public, we naturally reach many more recipients (on average 20,000 shots per month). We do this very consistently and are so far unique in the German-speaking media market with our consistent publishing work across media and national borders. Best regards, Hans-Joachim Schlobach (Owner/CEO) MEDIADATEN MEDIADATA 2020 2

Mediadata BUSINESS+LOGISTIC 2020 With our platforms you can reach all of your relevant target groups in the German speaking region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). We are happy to assist you in implementing your communication and marketing concepts. Inhalt: 4 Our Modules 6 BUSINESS+LOGISTIC (Data & Facts) E-Paper, Social Media, customized Content Micropage Banner, Film & more 8 One-Stop-Shopping (Preise) 10 (Daten, Fakten, Preise) RS Media Solutions 3 MEDIADATEN MEDIADATA 2020


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